About Us

We fully understand buying steroids online is risky and will make anybody worried.

As Steroid Kingdom we tried to make business with many steroid manufacturers  in market in the past 10 years and according to our experience we would like to tell you our personal opinion.

You can trust all Human Grade steroids but there are some very important matters.

- Human Grade products should be manufactured by REAL Pharmaceutical Factories like Organon Schering ect…

- Right now in the market there are companies which look like Human Grade but they are simply Underground products which labeled and shown as GMP.

- Don’t trust to anybody or any website when you are buying Human Grade products. If there is chance that you can buy yourself directly from pharmacy than you can buy almost safely. Because in real life these products are extremely hard to find and obtain. Don’t imagine about some dealer go to Pharmacy  in Spain and buy thousands of Winstrol Ampoules. Don’t forget these products are forbidden to use and illegal to sell without a prescription.

Also any Underground Steroid manufacturer do NOT simply care about human health or hygiene protocols. They just want to make biggest amount of Money in shortest time possible. That is why they manufacture underdosed and on sterile products. They also know that they will come and go. But they also know that they can come again with a different brand name and continue scamming people.

- So it seems very depressing until right now, but its better to be safe than sorry. You would not want to join to the stories of getting scammed in internet right?. But what can be done ? Where you can order safely and who you can trust ?

Our personal recommendation is Iron Pharma, and below you will read what IP says about themselves . Decision is up to you .

-          Iron Pharma is located in a country where steroids are free to use and sell. That’s why they have much higher protection against  law .  As you all can remember when Big UG manufacturers was busted they have given all contacts and customers to the police.

-          IP is global company which offer service worldwide. USA , Canada ,all Europe, Russia, Ukraine,  South Korea, Jordan, Iran , Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Cyprus, Israel, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Armenia and even far away destinations like French Guiana, Mauritius, French Polynesia receives and uses IP products.

-          Iron Pharma is a group of companies which is including Chemical Export & Import, Medical Packing , Print House and Courier Company

-          Iron Pharma buys all the chemicals they use from Merck Company in Germany, worlds best chemical material manufacturer.

-          Iron Pharma manufactures all his packing material ( Boxes , Labels etc.) with its own machines. That is why I products are the most professionally packed products in the Market today.

-          STK Team also have high standard customer service. When somebody orders from STK Team , no matter the size of the order, he can be sure he will be treated with respect and care and order will be shipped in maximum 48 hours .  All packages are shipped from different companies and names ( with support of STK’s courier company) that’s why they are untraceable. Besides this STK Team offers unconditioned custom seize guarantee. You can be sure about you gonna receive what you ordered.

-          IP is a very dynamic company and they always try to take the business to next level with better products and service.

-           All IP injectables are sterile, 10% overdose and Ethyl Oleate based. To prevent Post Injection Pain IP uses Merck Ethyl Oleate which cost 170$ per 1 lt bottle.

-          IP manufactures all his oral products with his own machines, that’s why they are perfectly dosed and affordable.

-          IP is the only company which manufactures almost 50 different products as Oral and Injectable. Rich product line carries various materials as DNP capsules , Hybrid steroids, Dihydroboldenone Cypionate ect..